Eating Cheat Sheet 2

A handy guide to eating out in Spain

One of the great treasures of travel is the dining experience. Eating Cheat Sheet is an indispensable tool while exploring Spain. To truly understand the culture of a country one must understand the local food. With Eating Cheat Sheet, you can easily understand a Spanish menu and know what you are ordering. Without the fear of the unknown, you can be adventurous and eat like a local.

Eating Cheat Sheet 2.0 is now not only a menu reader, it also contains recommended restaurants and pinpoints them on clear and easy to read maps, so travelers can easily find a good restaurant nearby. It also provides recommended dishes by regions and types. You not only know what the dishes are, you also know what to try first. Eating Cheat Sheet will also give you the power to translate useful common phrases from English directly into Spanish. It is priceless for travelers.

Eating Cheat Sheet 2


Eating Cheat Sheet 2 2.2